Our promise

With a passion for the exceptional, we carefully select unique rarities from bygone eras – so that you can wear your very own piece of cultural history. In our showroom, you will find original pieces of jewellery from various historical periods. We place value on the authenticity, origin and quality of our antique jewels and it is important to us that these are as unaltered from their original state as possible. The photographs of our jewels are not retouched – so that you receive what you see in the image. Each of our vintage pieces is accompanied by an expert’s assessment. If present, the provenance and maker’s mark are also listed. You can use this report for your jewellery insurance. Whenever possible, we also provide a gemological certificate from a renowned, independent institution (GIA, SSEF, GGTL, GRS, etc.). We offer expert and highest-quality jewellery services and have skilled professionals on site who are happy to take their time to advise you.

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