Wear your own piece of art history


Like a Monet painting in the art world or a vintage Porsche to enthusiastic collectors - historical pieces of jewellery are cultural objects of bygone eras and contemporary history that constantly increase in value while also bringing every day joy to their owners. These rare collectors’ pieces from renowned designers such as Cartier or Fabergé as well as other exquisite unique items can be found in our showroom at the oldest house of goldsmiths in the world. Discover our unique collection.

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Our Story

We, Eva and Franz Lohri, have been collecting treasures from bygone eras for over 40 years. We have always been fascinated by magnificent jewels from faraway lands, the unique pieces of jewellery that surround them, and the individual stories these pieces tell.



The Lohri House

In Zug‘s unique old town in the heart of Switzerland you will find the oldest house of goldsmiths in the world. It is documented that goldsmith craftsmanship has continuously been practiced in this historical building since 1620. Today, the Lohri family practices and celebrates this tradition in the second generation.



Exceptional wedding bands, unique engagement rings and delicate bridal jewellery from bygone ages are treasures that are cherished by many generations.



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