Believe in Me

Believe in Me

Pendant, Biedermeier, around 1830


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Believe in Me

Pendant, Biedermeier, around 1830

CHF 5.900,00 (Incl. VAT)

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In 18K (750) yellow gold, decorative pendant in floral cross design with black enamel blossoms and leaf motifs, with counter enamel on the back, mounted on an ornate (probably original) anchor chain, handmade


No mark

Size and Weight

Length of pendant approximately 5.3 cm, length of chain 41.5 cm, total weight 11.5 g



Additional Features

Accompanied by a Lohri certificate




(1750 to 1830)

Inspired by antiquity

Like the name suggests, this era of art history follows the classical role models from ancient times. In line with this, the pieces of jewellery are elegant and characterized by linear and distinct shapes. High-quality, finely crafted brooches and lockets set with cameo, ivory and enamel are frequently found. The longing for classic beauty is reflected in these unique historical pieces that often display Greek key patterns, waveband motifs or leaf ornamentation. Some very valuable jewels set with diamonds rubies, pearls, emeralds or sapphires exist from this period and are sought after and highly paid for by collectors today.





(1815­­­­­­ to 1848)

Love and Friendship

Jewellery from the Biedermeier era takes its bearings in naturalistic and personal themes. It is during this period that the idolization of friendship becomes widespread and rings can be found bearing symbols and inscriptions that immortalize such relationships. At the same time, mourning jewellery as a form of remembrance becomes popular. Because this era takes place at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, precious metals are very scarce, hence, cut steel and iron jewellery are produced. In addition, small and affordable precious stones and materials such as turquoise, amethyst, topaz, citrine, garnet, horn and coral are frequently used. Specific types of jewellery, such as jewellery made of hair or souvenir jewellery, are strongly associated with this era.

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